Welcome to SkyGLo

SkyGlo Enterprises Inc. is a corporation consisting of three key business offering – Travel, Healthcare, and Consulting services. These three areas are serviced by our three subsidiaries. We strive for excellence in all of our endeavors, and are committed to assisting you in meeting your goals.

SkyGlo Travel is a full service travel agency, that serves our clients’ global travel needs – leisure, business, and entertainment – while remembering that they are our most prized possessions. We specialize in Caribbean travel, and we have a unique knowledge of the islands. Our cultural foundation sets us apart from other agencies that do not have the same Caribbean background.

SkyGlo Care Affair is an environment of excellence committed to providing you the best patient care and service.
Our core values are:
Balance – Using resources efficiently and effectively.
Commitment – Dedicating ourselves to the improvement of the lives of all.
Compassion – Caring for all with dignity and respect.
Excellence – Leaders in quality using expertise and innovation.
Love – Service delivery with the expression of positive sentiments.
Professionalism – Guided and inspired by the knowledge and skills acquired.
Trust – Daily demonstrations of honesty and integrity.